Water Shortage Problem

As indicated by lots of experts, Pakistan may come up water shortage problem by the year of 2025 if no remedial moves are made to battle climate change. This factor was expressed by Mr. Nasser Memon amid a class held by the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on climate change. Mr. Nasser Memon, CEO of Strengthening Participatory Organization, was discussing some fundamental realities about climate change. He expressed that the nation will come up water shortage problem by 2025 if strong measures are not taken, and the results of it will be frightful for Pakistan.

Water shortage Problem in Pakistan

As indicated by him, Pakistan is one of the main five nations which are influenced severely by the changing climate around the world. Besides he said that in the twentieth century, the worldwide normal of ocean level expanded 10 to 20cm and snow secured has diminished. In the previous 40 years, 2.4 billion individuals have been influenced by climatic occurrences from more than 1333 climatic fiascos. He presented the matter of deforestation too, saying that Pakistan is in risk zone in the situation that you consider climate change and it has turned into an issue of national security for the nation. He said that Pakistan, among the rundown of different nations on the planet, has the most astounding rate of deforestation, which makes it the nation with the most deforestation going ahead in it, having a proportion of 2.1% on account of deforestation.

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Also, he contended that attention to this critical matter must be made and tree estate ought to be made mandatory for each other Pakistani resident. Major General Zia Ud Din Najam (Retd) who is the Rector NUML said that these climate evolving variables, for example, the consumption of water and deforestation are ceaselessly being overlooked by the general public and if mindfulness isn’t made of these elements, the survival of this nation would be in question. Necessary steps should be taken to avoid water shortage problem.

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