Why need vrBackupper?

Nowadays, there are more and more people like playing VR games. VR is Virtual Reality technology. Not only VR games, but also VR apps. Like traditional computer games, VR games can be saved game progress. But many users still worry about the game data loss. Oculus Rift is a famous VR device. Since Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook in 2014, it developed more and more interesting games and apps. Unluckily, it did not develop a backup app to backup Oculus Rift data. To make up the regret, AOMEI Technology released vrBackupper.

What is vrBackupper?

vrBackupper is the first such product in the market to protect data of Oculus Rift and optimize Oculus Rift. It is free to use, with a user-friendly and simple interface.

How does vrBackupper work?

vrBackupper is a Windows software, download from AOMEI site, install and run. By default, it shows Migrate Oculus Installation interface. As the description on the interface: move Oculus installation directory to another location on this computer and make sure Oculus can work normally. We browser the D: drive as new location, then click Start Move. Why vrBackupper designed this function? Because Oculus data can only be saved in the installation directory of Oculus and Oculus old versions can only be installed on system partition. Transfer data to another place can ensure enough installation space. By the way, external drives are also OK but you have to insert the external drive into computer first and keep its drive letter unchanged every time you use Oculus.

vrBackupper ProgramSwitch to Backup Restore Oculus interface, you can select backup Oculus installation directory or only backup games and apps in Oculus installation directory. When come to restore, you are able to restore the data on a new computer because vrBackupper supports universal restore. Restore time is shorter than re-download and re-install times. You see, vrBackupper helps you a lot when you want to change a better-equipped machine to get better experience.

vrBackupper Setting


Now, we think vrBackupper is the only tool to backup and restore Oculus Rift and its games, apps, etc. It could also move Oculus Rift installation directory and data to other drives instead of system partition to avoid low disk space worries. vrBackupper is only for Oculus Rift on Windows, if you need a full-scale PC backup software, we highly recommended you try another AOMEI product – AOMEI Backupper.

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