Viber Messaging app

Viber Messaging app is reporting a new feature that takes advantage of the bigger trend of messaging apps becoming multi-utilitarian stages, and furthermore its ownership by e-commerce organization Rakuten. The Viber Messaging app will begin to present users with items available to be purchased, inspired by your current talk, when you press a little shopping sack symbol at the base of the screen and search for items.

Viber Messaging App With Business Feature

The e-commerce feature is due to go live in the US to begin with, on March 6, before Viber Messaging app hopes to move it out to other markets. It will commence with a selection of items covering a range of categories — from electronics and home products through to mold — from Rakuten’s own, and in addition items curated by some 30 other brands.

The full rundown is not being made open yet, but rather Djamel Agaoua, the organization’s new CEO, revealed to me that one of them will be the department store Macy’s. There will likewise be an area in the shopping feature dedicated to “deals” — meaning potential partnerships with firms like Groupon, as well.

This will differ from previous e-commerce rollouts in another, too. A considerable measure of e-commerce has a huge information element to it — where the companies selling you things are additionally sucking up a huge amount of information about how you and consumers in general behave online. Bhis is something that Viber expressly won’t be doing. As the visits are constantly encrypted, it means that Viber doesn’t have access to anything that is being said.

In the U.S., he said that its biggest extent of users, half, are between 25 and 35 and skew female at 55% women. The organization does not break out its active user numbers but rather has previously said that there have been 800 million downloads of the Viber Messaging app to date.

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