Tech revolution has introduced the concept of smart home. The Smart home or home automation is associated with control and automation of lighting, heating, security, ventilation and home appliances. The smart thermostat capability of the smart home allows people to control daily activities through a remote control of all the energy monitors. Ecoisme is one of those devices which are contributing to tech revolution and home automation.

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What’s Ecoisme

Ecoisme is an intelligent energy monitoring system which enables you to control the energy consumption of your home. Take an active role in monitoring and optimizing energy consumption in your home by making the use of Ecoisme. It detects major home appliances, solar and grid energy and it can help you to keep track of resources and save up to 15% of energy bills. It enables you to manage energy consumption according to local tariffs and develop new user habits. Ecoisme monitors the electricity usage of your major appliances with the help of machine learning algorithms.

Major Benefits

It is bringing a new level of comfort to your life by optimizing energy consumption in your houses. The technology behind Ecoisme is new and innovative. It keeps the track of energy consumption and informs the user by giving notification on the mobile application. Ecoisme mobile application enabling the user to use electricity effectively and efficiently by providing recommendations. For example, if your devices are left turned on or off the device will notify you via an alert message on your phone.

It enables you to find pout energy efficiency or inefficiency of the home appliances which you are using on daily basis. It can track energy consumption more than 100 Watt. This remarkable technology allows the user to get information about energy consumption of each device by accessing the information on a simple dashboard of your mobile or computer. It also allows the user to find out which electric appliances are energy efficient and how they can make the use of other appliances efficiently.

Ecoisme can detect all your home appliances, and it produces a particular noise for giving your alerts about a particular device. It can provide information about the basic as well as complex appliances by producing a noise. Ecoisme has unique identifiers for the voltage or current readings. It uses different analysis for keeping the track of electricity usage in complex appliances. It is not only helpful in distinguishing the energy consumption of different home appliances but it also helps in controlling the energy consumption of schedules of the devices. The technology optimizes energy and helps you to understand when how and how much you have to use particular devices in order to save on your electricity bills.

Ecoisme App

The Ecoisme app will also let you know what kind of devices your family members are using and for how long. Simple and quick alerts will notify you about the electricity consumption in your home. You can control your devices by accessing this kind of information. You can also ensure the safety of your kids with the help of this tech. It allows you to know what of your iron or microwave is switched on or you forgot to remove the charger from the socket.

You can integrate this technology with other smart devices. This integration can make a home smarter than with IoT applications and devices. This integration will enable you to reduce time and effort for managing each device differently. Integration of Ecoisme with other smart devices will enable you to multitask. With the help of this tech, you would be able to manage a range of easy tasks.

Hook up Ecoisme as an effective energy control management solution on the main power line of your home. It will take less than 10 minutes for the setup. For single phase, sensor installation places the clamp on you main power line and insert the plug into power socket. Go to Ecoisme’s website to view details from your home appliances, receive personalized tips, view important alerts and minimize your electricity bill. It is easily teachable. The Ecoisme will recognize your home devices automatically, or you can also teach it to learn devices instantly. It is a very powerful device. You can access Ecoisme through or mobile app or from anywhere in the world.

You can visit the website from here.

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