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Now, the Uber for boats option is available. Uber has altered many a vehicles scenario, nevertheless, they still haven’t quite fixed the annoyance of the taxi cab line departing the airport. The knowledge of sitting on the curb in a few new environment, elbowing around other travelers to hail an automobile (or spot an automobile you’ve purchased) remains a distressing and unwelcome start or end to a vacation.

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The technology giant’s hottest offering hopes to improve that, at least for his or her Croatian travelers. Starting on June 26, Uber is releasing UberBOAT, which is Uber for boats. It is something for travelers and residents likewise among a few islands in Croatia, with particular give attention to addressing and from the airport in the Breakup. While Uber has launched pop-up vessel offers in Miami and Istanbul before (and has a couple of other niche services to go to the locations, like UberCOPTER in the South of France), the new Croatian option signifies the very first time boats will be accessible on the mobile software for a whole season. Here’s information on UberBOAT up to now.

Where to Obtain Uber for Boats

The toughest reports: for the present time, UberBOAT is merely available in Croatia. “Indicate point” travel can be bought among four main locations: Divide, the Split airport terminal, Hvar, and Dubrovnik. Users can also choose to use the software to lease a vessel for a Half-day or full day experience, in which particular case there is certainly more versatility concerning which islands you can strike.


Users can commence ordering on Mon, June 26, with service operating all warmer summer months long. Boats can be found on demand all day long and night.


Croatia is a superb market for Uber to test because it’s made up of over 1,200 tourism-loving islands–but it’s still much less crushingly popular as local locales like, say, Greece, where the source could outpace demand.


Just like an automobile, Uber customers may use their mobile software to drop a pin and discover a boat nearby. As familiar with Uber Pool, the business’s algorithm will send these to the nearest convenient location (in cases like this, the best pier) to meet their drivers (or alternatively, a captain).

How Much Uber for boats Cost?

The toned rate to/from the Divided airport to Divide or Hvar is EUR352 (or $394 at today’s rate) for a fishing boat as high as 8 people, or EUR440 ($493) for an XL vessel as high as 12 people. As for hiring the vessel for a Half-day or a full day trek, prices derive from mileage and time put in, but Uber approximates the price begins around EUR980 ($1097) for a complete day.

While UberBOAT may well not disrupt the knowledge to be a holiday in Croatia, for good or for bad, it can be an exemplary case of one of Uber’s very best advantages: convenience. Having the ability to order, organize, and purchase a motorboat in a country with a new language and money means less potential for being (or sense) cheated. Everything happens within the app. Anchors aweigh!

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