Telenor Youth Forum 2017

Telenor Pakistan has formally begun Telenor Youth Forum 2017 (TYF) in Pakistan. The program is outfitted towards the skilled people of Pakistan who truly need to have any kind of effect on the planet. The Telenor Youth Forum 2017 is giving individuals between the ages of 20 and 28 the chance to grandstand their thoughts to whatever remains of the world.

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The Telenor Youth Forum has been begun in a joint effort with the Nobel Peace Center and expects to unite members from thirteen markets worldwide where Telenor works.

These potential youth pioneers really taking shape should address social issues with computerized arrangements. The representatives browsed the world over will have one year together to concoct an answer for a pre-appointed social issue with the group they have been set in. The collaboration is outlined such that it will manufacture mindfulness, comprehension, and help the members connect with different societies and standards, with the cheerful consequence of building peace inside their groups and around the world. The program began toward the beginning of December 2016 in Oslo, Norway and will finish up in the nick of time for the keep running up to the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017.

The Telenor Youth Forum 2017 members meet physically just twice in the year and should cooperate through online networking and other virtual types of correspondence. Despite that, toward the finish of the one year, they are relied upon to have concocted and conveyed on the arrangements they had for their activities. After this, they will work with the Nobel Peace Center to sort out a presentation exhibiting their answer for the social issue that they were tested with.

Telenor Youth Forum 2017 Qualification Criteria

  • Telenor Youth Forum 2017 is open to citizens from Thailand, Sweden, Pakistan, Myanmar, Montenegro, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, India, Malaysia, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, and Serbia.
  • You need to be between the ages of 20 and 28 when applying.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.
  • You should be currently enrolled in a university or equivalent higher education institution.
  • Have prior volunteering, activism, or leadership experience.
  • Interested in finding solutions to social problems in your community and worldwide.

How to Register For Telenor Youth Forum 2017?

The Telenor Youth Forum 2017 has additionally made it extremely straightforward for a contender to apply. Their Youth Forum page now has a shape that you can fill it keeping in mind the end goal to enlist for the program here.

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