TCS Card

TCS Pakistan has introduced a ‘TCS Card’ to reward its faithful users. Members of the TCS Card can take advantage discount rates along with other advantages. With this particular move, TCS is proclaiming to be the founder of reward programs within the logistics business in Pakistan.

Benefits Associated with TCS Card

The key intent behind the card is always to provide hassle-free prepaid services to its clients. Customers can load balance into their cards and pay online, therefore preventing cash transactions. Each balance upload may also include a totally free top-up increase.

Cardholders is going to be provided reward points on each transaction they earn. These points can used via numerous channels or utilized as various TCS services.

Reward points

Reward points fluctuate upon the sort of item the card can be used for. The greater the amount of transactions with TCS, greater the reward points. Customers may also achieve reward points by way of transactions at online Express Centers.

A points table with the rewards provided below:

Product Reward* Points
Documents 2%
Parcel 1%
Time Choice 3%
Red Box 1%
Overland 0.5%
International 1%
Sentiments 1%


*The rewards table is indicative and TCS can change the actual points anytime it wishes.

Verification SMS sent upon accumulation and redemption of points.

Rewards points usually redeemed at:

  • Express Centre
  • Discount Vouchers
  • Hazir SabKuch Voucher

How you can Charge a TCS Card?

Customers can upload any balance they really want, but TCS has set a high minimum threshold of Rs 1,000. Having said that, users could get a distinctive top up additional bonuses depending on the amount. Balance could charged up again at any Express Centre or via HBL Internet Banking. It needs to be noted that TCS sends verification SMS on recharge and usage of the balance.

  • Balance of Rs. 1,000-4,999 – 10% Top Up Bonus
  • Balance of Rs. 5,000-19,999 – 12.5% Top Up Bonus
  • Balance of Rs. 20,000 or above – 15% Top Up Bonus

Note: The above mentioned rates are subject to taxes. Also, the top up percentage can be changed by TCS at any time.

Additional Features

TCS Card users get some good extra features too, which may be benefited utilizing their online accounts:

  • Transaction and keeping track of history for the past 6 months
  • Reward points management
  • Balance upload and utilization
  • Reward points to voucher conversion for Yayvo, sentiments etc.

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