SpinX Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning the bathroom can be considered a dreaded task. A fresh product called SpinX is boasting that it’ll clean homeowners’ toilets on their behalf in 90 a few moments. The SpinX toilet cleaner gets installed in your home water resource via an included line and replaces the prevailing toilet couch and lid.

Once you press the SpinX button, it triggers a robotic scrubbing arm to collapse down from an area within the cover and makes its way throughout the dish while dispensing soapy drinking water. Additionally, normal water jets on the lower of the cover give the seating a good soapy spraying, and it dried out using obligated air.

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The machine is powered by a removable, rechargeable battery power that ought to be best for over 30 cleaning cycles per fee. The brush should be substituted every half a year. The product happens being funded by a Kickstarter advertising campaign. A pledge of $198 is certain to get you a product, when of course if it reaches creation. The planned retail price is $350.

Watch this video to see the system in action of SpinX toilet cleaner

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