Sonos Playbase

Sonos has made the Sonos Playbase, another frame consider that consolidates a steady platform for your TV with a sound bureau. Sonos did broad research into how individuals utilized their Playbar at home and found that a great many people didn’t divider mount their TVs or Playbars. With that in mind, the Sonos Playbase was made to permit individuals to set their TVs appropriate on top of the speaker, taking into consideration a minimized home theater arrangement.

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Sonos Playbase Review

So far we’ve just had a few listening sessions with the new Sonos Playbase (led at an occasion held at the sound maker’s Boston HQ) yet all things considered, we left away inspired with the straightforwardness and sound of the speaker. It’s uproarious without losing any points of interest, and ought to be basic for most AV novices to setup in no time flat. As normal with Sonos items, the Sonos Playbase isn’t modest, yet as a byproduct of your monetary speculation you’ll get a minimized and adaptable sound arrangement that coordinates consistently with different Sonos speakers in your home.


The outline for the Sonos Playbase is an aftereffect of the organization’s broad research on how individuals really utilize speakers in the home. Sonos asked its clients how they setup their Playbar and was stunned to locate that many individuals had not as much as perfect setups – with one client guaranteeing that they put their soundbar and TV on the floor. Subsequently of this examination, Sonos understood that a great many people needed to put their TVs on top of their speaker for a reduced arrangement.

Sonos Playbase 1

Sonos Playbase Specs

Measuring in at 2.28 x 28.35 x 14.17 inches (58 x 720 x 380mm, H x W x D), the speaker can bolster TVs of up to 75 lbs (34 kg) and the unit itself weighs 18.85 lbs. (8.6 kg). Sonos gauges that TVs running from 46 to 59 inches will fit on top of the Sonos Playbase without an issue.

Inside the Sonos Playbase are 10 specially crafted drivers: six midrange drivers, three tweeters, and one woofer. The woofer is planned with an S-formed port to help move more air for more bass profundity and effect. Fueling the 10 drivers are 10 singular Class-D enhancers. Sonos has not distributed recurrence reaction numbers but rather continue perusing for our musings on how it sounds.


Sonos welcomed us to its Boston central station to run ears-on with the new framework. We could tune in to the speaker in a test room in the Sonos office and in addition in a leased home to put the speakers with regards to a genuine home setting. Listening tests were performed utilizing a blend of films and spilling music.

Sonos Playbase 2

Early Decision

The Sonos Playbase offers awesome sound out of a shockingly minimal speaker. While it doesn’t seem to have enhanced much upon the organization’s Playbar soundbar, it will offer you another shape variable to look over for your front room.


  • Minimized and adaptable frame figure
  • Gets boisterous without rattling
  • Trueplay speaker tuning


  • Soundstage sounds counterfeit
  • Optical-just association
  • Costly subwoofer extra
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