Solar Energy Projects

The solar energy projects have developed as a standout amongst the most essential sustainable power sources. Progressions in solar cells have enhanced their productivity as well as prompted enormous diminishments in expenses. All inclusive, $92 billion was put resources into solar energy for utility-scale ventures and $334 billion for housetop and off-framework applications in 2015. Solar reception is twice that of non-renewable energy sources. Pakistan has been subject to hydro (water) and non-renewable energy sources (Gas, Oil, Coal) for power era. This is passing up a major opportunity for a colossal open door as Pakistan is positioned among the top nations regarding potential for the solar energy projects.

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Notwithstanding that, solar energy projects are yet to go standard in Pakistan. However, in the occasion that it does, load shedding and costly power would turn into a relic of times gone by. This, as well as it could help lift Pakistan’s economy to concealed statures.

Pakistan’s Current Solar Energy Projects

Solar energy projects are normally utilized on a little scale, to a great extent because of the way that their underlying costs used to be high for solar boards. Despite that, Pakistan has to some degree embraced the energy source by propelling a 900MW (at first wanted to be 1000 MW) solar stop. Just 200 MW worth of boards have been fitted as of recently, however. By and large, Pakistan’s aggregate solar power era is 1,000 MW, with little solar energy projects considered too.

Worldwide Research on Solar Power Potential in Pakistan

While solar energy projects can be used anyplace on the planet, Pakistan has been honored with one of the most elevated possibilities for solar power era.

World Bank’s solar maps have a definite write about which spots are most reasonable for solar power era and which ranges get the most Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI). GHI is the aggregate sum of solar radiation got by a surface flat to the ground. As indicated by the report, a few zones of southern western Baluchistan and Central Sindh have a normal GHI of more than 2,300 kWh/m². Over 90% of Pakistan’s zone gets 1,500 kWh/m² of irradiance and 75% of the land has a yearly GHI of more than 2,000 kWh/m².

As indicated by their reviews, Pakistan can possibly satisfy 92% of its power necessities by means of solar energy. Solar power will likewise make more than 200,000 occupations in Pakistan, diminish wellbeing costs by $916 million which will be worth 21% of the entire GDP of Pakistan by 2050. Solar energy projects can conceivably recover its expenses in only one year after usage.

Solar Energy Projects Cost

NEPRA at present records its levy for solar energy projects of up to 100 MW between 10-12 pennies/kWh for IPPs and some other solar projects. That rate is still about the same as petroleum products like oil and gas. Indeed, even power imports cost about the same.

Even so, the expenses have radically dropped currently. A year ago, an organization set up 800 MW solar stop in Dubai and offer for per unit value that beats all petroleum product based power arrangements. The organization is offering power for just $0.03 per KWh (3 pennies). China, the US and some different nations are getting solar energy at $0.029 per KWh.


Obviously, there are different components to consider also. Pakistan is a high hazard market and it’s troublesome for solar power organizations to put resources into Pakistan, however appropriate support or more enthusiasm for solar energy by our legislature could make the procedure significantly all the more engaging. The expenses for setting up solar power boards are continually dropping and for nations like Pakistan, with its high solar irradiance, solar energy can possibly resolve a noteworthy piece of our energy needs.

In the happening that Pakistanis can get power for at 70-80% reduced rates by utilizing a mix of solar power, wind control, hydro power and atomic power, why would that be any need to construct new power plants that dirty the earth which, like China and different nations, are sure to extremely affect the wellbeing of the coming eras, notwithstanding bringing on the passing of thousands of individuals and harm Pakistan’s economy in the years to come?

This is one of the urgent reasons why the entire world is as of now moving towards solar energy projects. It’s the chance that Pakistan does likewise and spares itself cash while in the meantime giving help to its kin.

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