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There is a particular absence of projects to enable ladies business people in Pakistan, particularly those that oblige rustic and impeded womenfolk from all over the nation. However, there’s been a promising advancement in such manner, with a late venture that has been propelled. Called Solar Bibi, this venture endeavors to spread advantages of solar vitality over the country ranges of twin urban communities. By utilizing solar vitality, ladies can enhance their money related condition and minimize the vitality deficit circumstance in regions with restricted power.

What is the Solar Bibi Project?

Ladies will be instructed how to work and keep up solar charging stations in their homes to help them procure a not too bad living. These solar charging stations can help them win their occupations. Thus the name Solar Bibi. Solar Bibi is a joint exertion of Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) and Ministry of Science and Technology. The venture is set to extend to different ranges also where ladies are compelled to quit working after nightfall because of the nonattendance of power. This was expressed by Samina Fazil, organizer president Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI). This would change a huge number of lives particularly that of dowagers who endeavor to make a decent living.

She likewise included that Solar Bibi is an activity of IWCCI, Center of Information Technology, and Center for Women Entrepreneurship, and Self Employed Women Association. Instructional meetings for the project started on Saturday, with an underlying bunch of 50 Solar Bibi’s. Their preparation will end on Monday. Talking about the one of a kind name, Fatima Aneela, the E-Solar undertaking head, said it was decided to particularly target ladies in the country ranges. She additionally included that as a team with PCRET the service expects to prepare 1,000 Women as Solar Bibi’s all over Pakistan.


Tending to a Social and Economic Emergency

Ammar Jaffri, Director General (ICT) Center of Information Technology, Islamabad said that as per the World Bank, around 44 percent of family units in Pakistan are not associated with the framework and more than 80 percent of those are in rustic zones. Our objective is to give economic vitality to off-network regions and we particularly need to engage ladies in these regions through the undertaking. Ammar Jafri, Director General (ICT) added. He additionally accentuated that administration needs to bolster the off-matrix solar undertakings and urge individuals to utilize renewable vitality sources to diminish the weight on the national network.


With such gigantic numbers, a venture like Solar Bibi can possibly change life in the provincial regions. It can address a social issue and in addition absence of appropriate framework in specific locales of Pakistan. In any case, above all, it can engage a considerable measure of ladies business visionaries from the provincial regions, helping them add to the neighborhood economy.

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