Social Media Ban

A notice has been issued by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) which starts the social media ban. It includes the video spilling sites in its workplaces the nation over.

Taking after the request, the ECP workplaces have been prohibited from utilizing YouTube, Facebook and Twitter because of the social media ban. ECP’s Deputy Director Syed A. Rehman sent a letter to the temporary decision officials of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. The letter expressed that hindering the online networking locales on ECP systems will diminish the quantity of malware assaults and guarantee the train of utilizing electronic assets up to the ideal level.

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Also, it read that the Competent Authority has coordinated to square online networking sites (i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and so on.) on all systems of ECP secretariat and also PEC workplaces incorporating field workplaces with prompt impact. The letter was sent to ECP workplaces across the nation on March 31.

The common decision chiefs have additionally been told to guarantee the social media ban. Also, the gushing destinations quickly through the collaboration of commonplace general directors of PTCL and National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC).

Social Media Ban Request

Previously, An Islamabad High Court (IHC) judge had required a social media ban in Pakistan. The reason was the spread of irreverent pictures on the web. Justice Aziz Siddiqui additionally needed individuals found to have presented ungodly substance online on have their names added to the Exit Control List. Also, accordingly disallowing them from leaving the nation.

He guaranteed that he had been not able rest since seeing the culpable substance. Furthermore, contrasted blasphemers with psychological militants. The godless pages are being evacuated with the assistance of Facebook authorities.

Lewdness against the Prophet Muhammad is deserving of death in Pakistan. This has various religious offenses recorded in its punitive code, including injuring religious sentiments, slanderous comments”and debasing the Quran. Siddiqui additionally requested for the support of Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, requesting that he make a few strides in his own supervision to kill the insidious, even at the cost of hindering the whole [of] online networking or complete social media ban.

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