Anti Islam

Along with the action plan against the anti Islam remarks on the social media, it was announced recently that the administration arrangements to make a move against anybody found to “insult” the Prime Minister or his family.

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Anti Islam And PM Insulting Material Punishments

No point by point data with respect to the words “negative publicity” were uncovered which brought about an immense reaction on social, print and electronic media. Taking after that, the administration has begun distributing admonitory advertisements in print media which attempt to caution individuals against specific exercises which could be punished under Pakistani laws.

The promotions cite Article 19 from the Constitution of Pakistan which expresses that each native has the privilege to the right to speak freely and the press is free also, yet bolds out parts like subject to any sensible limitations forced by law for the radiance of Islam, respectability, security or protection of Pakistan or anything that could hurt well-disposed relations with remote states, open request, tolerability or profound quality.

Major Charges

The advertisements then bring up a few laws and their disciplines if such acts are completed. These are:

  • Section 109: Punishment for Abetment is punishable by the same penalty as its offence
  • Section 124-A: Sedition is punishable by life in jail or death
  • Section 153–A: Inciting two groups could put you in jail for up to 5 years
  • Section 295-A: To incite people using religious feelings could imprison one for up to 10 years
  • Sections 295–B & C: Defilement or derogatory remarks against the Holy Quran or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is punishable by life sentence, death penalty and fine.
  • Sections 298 & 298-A & B: Attempting to harm religious feelings or making derogatory remarks against Holy personalities could put you in jail for three years, fine, or both
  • Sections 500, 501, 504 & 508: To distribute defamatory material or provoke a breach of peace is punishable by 2 to 5 years in jail and/or fine.
  • Section 11-W: Violation of Anti-terrorism Act 1997 is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and fine
  • Section 11 & 13: Violation of Security of Pakistan Act 1952 can put you in prison for up to three years, fine or both.

It additionally expresses that infringement of any law of the Constitution of Pakistan could rebuff natives under the applicable laws with fines, detainment, or both. The promotions were distributed after comments via web-based networking media for the debasement assertions against the PM and his family in the Panama case. The current issue of anti Islam and disdainful pages was likewise one of the main considerations behind this move. The administration needs to convey a message that while the right to speak freely exists, any open expression against the Prime Minister or any anti Islam comments will be managed by the law.

The anti Islam comments should never be tolerated. Share your feelings with us.

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