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The well famous hard drive producer Seagate has presented the world’s biggest storage medium in the form of a hard drive, which accompanies 5 Terabytes of capacity. The company of the Seagate has released the up to date 2.5-inch 5 Terabyte hard drive as a storage medium. This HDD utilizes an indistinguishable innovation from the outside hard drive. Both the 2.5-inch interior hard drive and the outer hard drive offer the greatest limit ever on the planet in their individual classifications.

Expanding Demand for More Storage Medium

The organization says that the expanding use of 20+ megapixel cameras and recording 4k recordings requires greater storage rooms than at any other time. This outer hard drive is Seagate’s response to that. In spite of being greater than ordinary outside hard drives (3.5 inches in size contrasted and 2.5-inch standard ones), it doesn’t utilize an outer power source to work. It works like normal outside hard drives in spite of its greater size.

Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5TB Features and Specifications

The hard plate is 0.8 inches tall, 4.5 inches in length and 3 inches wide. It weighs 247 grams which are around 1/fourth of a Kg. So regardless of the possibility that it appears to be greater than the other hard drives (and heavier) it shouldn’t be a lot of an issue to bear it with you.

Seagate guarantees rates of this storage medium up to 120MB/s on a USB 3.0 port. This factor ought to offer a lot of speed plus the immense stockpiling size to store the majority of your information. Like other Seagate outer hard drives, this one additionally incorporates programming for consequently moving down your information, everything from your PC, a portable workstation, cell phone or cloud information. Moreover, the hard plate is canvassed in an aluminum case for included sturdiness and comes in 4 hues; dark, silver, red and blue.

Storage Medium 1


The Seagate 5TB model will go for about $190 (or around Rs. 20,000). No positive discharge date was given by the organization in spite of the fact that it said that the hard drive would be accessible overall later on in November this year.

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