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The Scorp app can change your social life. It is a startup out of Turkey, offers another interpretation of the social video topic. The Scorp app gives you a chance to transfer 15-second recordings on any subject, for example, your view on Trump’s migration controls. Indeed, its young creators call Scorp the video reply to Reddit or Quora.

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The Scorp app is beginning to develop quickly, as well. In any case, unless you dwell in its nation of origin, or in Mexico, Brazil, India and a couple Middle Eastern nations where the app is additionally finding a group of people, it’s reasonable you’ve never known about Scorp. We are a place for individuals with a similar intrigue [to have] a discussion, says Scorp’s 22-year-old fellow benefactor and CEO Sercan Isik. With the point system our group of substance makers mingle, convey what needs be with a basic certifiable video and they develop strong fellowships.

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In spite of the fact that the Scorp app propelled likely the distance back in February 2015, it has been grabbing steam. In January, the Company passed 3.5 million month to month dynamic clients and is seeing around 100,000 downloads day by day. More than 1 million themes have been made and I’m informed that all things considered a day by day dynamic client sees more than 50 recordings. Maybe more great is that 14 individuals ordinarily join each new discussion.

The most ideal approach to become more acquainted with a man is to have discussions on an assortment of points. Indeed, even from [our] early days when we had 1,000 clients in our beta gathering we saw content makers set a get together naturally and they embrace each different as [if] they were companions for quite a long time. It is on the grounds that they met through a typical intrigue by means of communicating their feelings, says Isik. Maybe surprisingly for a social video app, Isik and his fellow benefactors Izzet Zakuto, Kaan Ugurlu and Ovunc Dalkiran — every one of whom are less than 30 years old — figure they’ve discovered an effective income display, having run various real brand crusades through the Scorp app.

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