Scientists Weigh Life

Researchers at the University of Basel and University College London have created a scale that may measure scientists weigh life. The dimensions, which might measure the mass of single cells lets and them “monitor how their weight adjustments over time … with a decision of milliseconds and trillionths of a gram.”

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This implies they’ll weigh a cell the moment it dies, discovering positively the mass of life.

The cells, which normally weigh about two to a few nanograms, are weighed beneath managed situations in a cell tradition chamber. The weighing arm, a tiny wafer-thin, clear silicon cantilever coated with collagen or fibronectin, is lowered to the ground of the chamber, the place it nudges and picks up a cell. “The cell hangs on the underside of a tiny cantilever for the measurements,” says doctoral scholar Gotthold Fläschner, who co-invented and carried out most experiments utilizing the brand new scale.

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This method let the researchers Christoph Gerber, Jason Mercer, and Sascha Martin see that cells exhibit second-to-second weight fluctuations whereas alive however these fluctuations cease after they die. Briefly, they’ll measure the load of life pulsing by way of a cell.

“We established that the load of residing cells fluctuates repeatedly by about one to 4 p.c as they regulate their complete weight,” stated Martínez-Martín. “We’re seeing issues that no person else has but noticed.”

To be clear this could’t weigh a human earlier than or after dying. To do this you want Sean Penn and Naomi Watts.

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