Sahir Lodhi Show

PEMRA, known as the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has made a move against Sahir Lodhi show publicized on TV One. PEMRA has issued a show make see TV One for the Sahir Lodhi show program, called the “Aap ka Sahir”, facilitated by Sahir Lodhi, which pretense at 9AM in the morning.

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Sahir Lodhi Show Issue

The Sahir Lodhi show being referred to publicized an exploitative move including both, Sahir Lodhi and a young lady (whose name has not been said), which was disclosed live on the channel on fourteenth of March 2017. The administrative specialist said Sahir Lodhi has been routinely required in such acts and the PEMRA had gotten different objections against him.

As indicated by the notice, TV One was infringing upon PEMRA Ordinance 2002 which expresses that private channels need to keep up moral benchmarks regarding the substance broadcast. The channel has until 29th of March 2017 to answer PEMRA with an answer in the matter of why the permit holder abused its terms. The channel may need to cling to one of the accompanying punishments:

Sahir Lodhi Show Possible Punishments

  • As per Section 27, close down the program “Aap ka Sahir”
  • According to the Section 29, pay a fine of Rs. 1 million
  • As per Section 30, scratch off TV One’s permit

The channel likewise needs to answer whether Sahir Lodhi needs to clarify the circumstance himself.

PEMRA Activity

The show-cause notice was distributed just a day after Geo was given a comparable notice for its program Geo Pakistan where an improper scene highlighting a young lady and a kid was broadcast live. Geo likewise needs to reply by 29th March 2017 and fulfill PEMRA or it will be oppressed to either Rs. 1 million in fine or the cancelation of its permit.

PEMRA has been accepting a considerable measure of protests from watchers on breaking down benchmarks of dramatizations, plugs and different shows. To determine this, PEMRA has held a meeting with applicable partners including Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) and private TV station agents to examine the quality and guidelines of TV substance.

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