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A pizza put in Multan is good to go to give robot service in the form of a waiter to its clients. The astonishing thing is that this robot service being referred to and the greater part of its hidden innovation is totally produced using the ground up in Pakistan.

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Robot Service Innovation

The fundamental drive behind this robot service is Syed Usama Aziz, an electrical building move on from NUST. He is the child of eatery’s proprietor and has a distinct fascination in the field of Robotics.

Wellspring of inspiration

Usama selected in Electrical Engineering division of NUST in 2011 and graduated in 2015. He needed to concentrate facilitate and investigate the field of Robotics by traveling to another country. His dad, proprietor of, urged him to remain in Pakistan and demonstrate his courage here.

After neglecting to persuade his folks on traveling to another country for further reviews, he chose to take after his energy ideal here in Pakistan. Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the productivity, he struck the thought that entire serving procedure ought to be robotized to expand proficiency by many folds.

However, when he understood that the cost of bringing in a robot service from different nations would set him back a large number of rupees, he chose to create one in Pakistan without any preparation.

Meet the principal Robotic Waiter of Pakistan

Following 8 months of diligent work, and speculation of around 0.4 million Pakistani Rupees (4 lakh Rupees), Pakistan’s first robotic waiter is at last prepared to be given something to do. Usama is at present beta testing the robot in Multan branch of Here is a little video exhibiting the robot in real life:

The robot service can take the request, explore to the client’s table, welcome the client, serve the feast and return to the serving range. To come clean the robot service is somewhat constrained in degree right now, with little to none execution of manmade brainpower in it.

This Pakistani Restaurant has a Robot for Serving Customers

This Pakistani restaurant in Multan has a Robot for serving customers. The maker of this Robot, Syed Usama, is a graduate of NUST.Read more: | For more videos, visit TechJuice

Posted by TechJuice on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

However, considering that all the mechanical and electrical parts utilized as a part of the robot are totally made in Pakistan, it is dazzling the amount Usama has finished in such a brief span with the restricted assets accessible to him.

Tentative Arrangements

Albeit the robot service is just in beta testing stage at Multan branch of, Usama has arrangements to send comparable robots in the Hyderabad branch. The robot is likewise He additionally plans to further improve its usefulness by empowering it to take arranges later on.

RESOURCE: techjuice

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