Quran Education

Another bill go by the National Assembly has made Quran education mandatory. Titled “Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Bill 2017”, the Quran education will be material on learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in government education organizations. Additionally, the learners in Grade 1 through 5 will be instructed Naazrah Quran (recitation) . Review 6 – 12 learners will be educated the Holy Quran and its interpretation.

Moreover, the Holy Quran Bill 2017 will just apply on Muslim learners.

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All schools in Islamabad – both private and government – are to agree to the new Quran education bill also. The recently announced bill was exhibited before the house by Minister of Federal Education and Professional Training Balighur Rehman. It will be marked by PM Nawaz Sharif to pick up law status.

Quran Education In Various Classes

Separating the aggregate rate for the Quran education:

  • 5% of the Quran will be shrouded in sixth grade
  • 9% in seventh
  • 12% in eighth
  • 17% in ninth
  • 25% in tenth grade
  • 15% in eleventh grade or first year
  • 17% in twelfth grade or second year

Furthermore first and second year learners will learn Madni Surahs (uncovered in Madinah). As indicated by the Quran education bill:

It will make the divine message understood; ensure the repose of society; peace and tranquility; Promote the supreme human values of truth, honesty, integrity, character building, tolerance, understanding others’ point of view and way of life. It will lead towards spreading goodness and auspiciousness and towards ending chaos and uncertainty.

The Quran education bill additionally peruses that the understudies and educators won’t have to purchase extra duplicates of the Holy Quran or Naazrah books as they will be given to all the government schools. Also, preparing won’t be an issue either as these organizations now have instructors who can discuss the Quran and the interpretation.

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