Finding the right earphones is a music-sweetheart’s endless problem. Conventional earphones are burdensome, while wired earbuds can’t stay unwound.

Los Angeles-based startup, Zungle, needs to supplant earphones totally with a couple of sunglasses that sends sound specifically through your skull.

The sunglasses contain bone-conduction speakers presented by the Zungle Panther. Rather than then transmitting sound waves outside your ears, they send sound waves as vibrations through the skull. The wearer hears completely clear solid (which the organization cases is equivalent to typical earphones), while the outside world hears nothing. The client matches the gadget to their cell phone through Bluetooth, and opens their favored music application on their telephone. A dial over the right ear can be tapped to begin listening to a playlist or a collection, and spun to quick forward and rewind tunes.

An inherent, commotion wiping out receiver likewise permits wearers to make and answer rings without picking the telephone, however it’s misty how the quality is for the individual on the other line.

The upsides of the Zungle Panter – past its coolness variable – are various. You can listen to tunes as boisterous as you’d like on the train without irritating your neighbor, and spend a small amount of the expense of customary clamor wiping out earphones. In addition, you can at present hear drawing nearer autos and discussions.

The battery comes up short. It last only four hours of playback and charges through a USB port covered up in the sunglasses.

At this opinion you may ponder, is it safe? The organization makes no cases on its Kickstarter page, however the innovation nearly looks like that of bone-conduction inserts.

These gadgets, worn by individuals who are in need of a hearing aide, catch sound noticeable all around, procedure the sound into vibrations, and transmit the vibrations through issue that remains to be worked out internal ear. More than 100,000 patients comprehensively have been fitted with bone-conduction inserts following the late ’70s, as per driving gadget creator Cochlear.

The Zungle Panther sunglasses are presently accessible for pre-request on Kickstarter, and retail for $150.

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