Peeqo Robot

Do you need a Peeqo robot? Like innumerable different laborers, do you happen to have an exhausting work area work? One that includes working hours at the end while sitting before a table? When you reacted yes (which I’m certain you did) then this adorable little robot may simply be the thing you have to keep you engaged at your office.

Peeqo Robot Have GIF Tech

Peeqo robot is a bot that discussions to you in energized GIFs. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, ask it a question and it will react with a shrewd GIF. It’s like having each one of those cunning little web images available to you! Peeqo robot doesn’t simply react in a dull “yes” or “no” constantly and can frequently respond in an assortment of feelings (all appeared through GIFs obviously).

His maker’s adoration for GIFs is the thing that brought about Peeqo robot. Abhishek Singh, the software engineer, and designer behind it had this to say in regards to his fun creation:

I adore GIFs as much as each other individual and they’ve turned into a general dialect of sorts on the web and past, equipped for delineating nearly anything from feeling to data. Frequently a GIF just says it better.

Here’s the robot in real life:

Main Specs

The entire building procedure was chronicled in Abhishek’s Reddit post as a DIY extend. He utilized:

  • Two Arduino Mini micro-controllers
  • an attached LCD screen
  • Four microphones (two in each “ear”)
  • A Raspberry Pi microcontroller
  • a camera (beneath the screen)
  • Multiple servo motors
  • a USB speaker (in the head at the top)

The moving parts were 3D printed while whatever is left of the stuff was obtained through a tool store. He called Peeqo robot a mashup of Amazon Echo and a Disney character,.Abhishek says that Peeqo robot sits at the crossing point of three things I truly adore – building things, enlivened motion pictures and GIFs. I certainly drew a great deal of motivation from Disney and Pixar amid the outlined procedure to achieve his last frame

With respect to voice acknowledgment, Peeqo robot utilizes Google Speech API and to tune in and comprehend what you’re stating and react utilizing a fitting GIF. Peeqo robot can likewise play music to engage you (through Spotify). You can’t generally purchase the robot as this venture was a one-time thing worked by the engineer and not a business wander. Despite that, on the in addition to the side, you can construct Peeqo robot for yourself as Abhishek publicly released everything and incorporated a guide too.

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