PayPak Debit Card

Just like the UBL Wiz card, now you can enjoy the PayPak debit card. In continuation of its endeavors toward digitizing the monetary scene of the nation and advancing money related incorporation through expanded activities, Bank Alfalah, Pakistan’s driving card backer and acquirer, has held hands with 1Link (Guarantee) Limited to dispatch Bank’s first PayPak Classic Debit Card.

What’s PayPak Debit Card?

PayPak debit card is Pakistan’s first Domestic Payment Scheme propelled by 1Link (Guarantee) Limited and goes for giving productive, financially savvy, powerful and universal installment arrangements.

The Alfalah PayPak debit card will permit clients to pull back money from 1Link’s ATM system of 8,000+ and direct POS exchanges at a large number of shippers across the country. The PayPak debit card offers PIN-based client validation for ATMs and POS exchanges. As we impart the money related consideration objectives to those set in State Bank of Pakistan’s Vision 2020, our organization with 1Link to present the nation’s first Domestic Payment Scheme will give minimal effort installment administrations to each resident of Pakistan, said Atif Bajwa, who is the President and CEO, Bank Alfalah. We stay focused on our objective of reforming Pakistan’s money related scene, consistently endeavoring to stretch out access of monetary administrations to the underserved fragments of our general public.

What’s Debit Card?

A debit card (otherwise called a bank card or check card) is a plastic installment card that can be utilized rather than money when making buys. It is like a credit card, yet not at all like a credit card, the cash comes specifically from the client’s bank account when playing out an exchange. A few cards may bear a put away an incentive with which an installment is made, while most hand-off a message to the cardholder’s bank to pull back assets from a payer’s assigned bank account. At times, the essential record number is doled out only for use on the Internet and there is no physical card.

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