Hero Policeman

A Hong Kong Hero policeman of Pakistani plunge has turned into an overnight star after he talked a man out of conferring suicide.

Ifzal Zaffar, the Hero policeman talked familiar Urdu to the self-destructive man, who was additionally Pakistani. The man had scaled a crane at a development site and police were called to the scene.

What Did Hero Policeman Done?

The Hero policeman moved up the 65ft crane and traded words with the man, after which he consented to descend and was taken to a doctor’s facility. Zaffar, who is additionally conversant in Cantonese said to Apple Daily, I utilized the methods we learned at the foundation … I think he felt more secure realizing that I could converse with him in his own particular dialect. The 20-year-old Hero policeman joined the police compel simply under a year back, and is the main Pakistani starting point officer in the locale.

Zaffar’s boss commended the way the 20-year-old took care of the circumstance.

The Muslim Council of Hong Kong additionally praised Zaffar’s honesty saying, Bravo to this young fellow and thank you to the HK police constrain for acquiring him. Trust all the more such stories can be believed to indicate HK is to be sure a multi-social city. The 20-year-old’s great looks have additionally been noted by media outlets, with him being marked “pretty boy cop” and ” Hong Kong’s most handsome police officer “.

On a meeting video shared by the Hong Kong Police on Facebook, individuals lauded the young fellow’s activities.

The Hero policeman is extremely good looking yet having a brilliant heart, spouted Facebook client Nuna Priya. Mr Ifzal Zaffar, numerous resident bolster you, pls continue serving the general public. Thanks!!! Composed Baba Bebe Wong. Magnificent Cantonese… great character… agreeable identity… high soul… he’s a [asset] to the Hong Kong police constrain,” Richard Chin composed.

You can see his interview beneath:

【同聲同氣 氹離險地】

【同聲同氣 勸離險地】20歲巴基斯坦籍警員范業成(IFZAL ZAFFAR)年多前透過「寶石計劃」加入警隊,尋日(2017-03-12)更經歷咗難忘嘅一日,成功游說一名同鄉從處於高空吊臂嘅危險位置返回安全地方。無論幫到嘅係咩人,IFZAL話能夠幫到有需要嘅市民,都會令佢覺得加入警隊係一個正確嘅決定! Pakistani officer IFZAL ZAFFAR joined the Hong Kong Police Force via Project GEMSTONE. Yesterday morning (2017-03-12), he successfully persuaded his Pakistani compatriot to return to a safe position from the height. He made a right choice to join the Force!#香港警察 #推動社群參與 #寶石計劃 #少年警訊 #加入警隊 #服務市民 #拯救生命

Posted by 香港警察 Hong Kong Police on Sunday, March 12, 2017

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