The element of the “Live Traffic” in the Google Maps that was hotly anticipated is now available for Pakistani urban areas was something that we as a whole needed so seriously, particularly due to the fact that we never think about Pakistani streets and traffic and regularly wind up on a course to find that its jam pressed with packed in traffic. This news is general which Dwell Traffic in regards to Pakistani downtown towns is presently engaged, in regards to choosing to run with preparing till much more watch. We could attest a man which live undertaking is normally enabled in regards to Islamabad alongside Lahore, however, standard development unpretentious things, as a case, assignment circumstance over a preparation with respect to certain day and age is generally engaged in regards to significantly more urban areas, truly for all intents and purposes for every single area that any of us checked.

The news is that Live Traffic for Pakistani urban communities is presently empowered. However, because the “live traffic” subtle elements are being taken off in stages, that’s why you can expect more urban areas will be added in it soon.

Until further notice, we can affirm you that live traffic is empowered for Islamabad and Lahore, while regular traffic points of interest —, for example, traffic circumstance on a course for particular time — is empowered for more urban areas, practically for each city that we checked.




As you can note, alongside live traffic you can likewise see traffic occurrence points of interest, for example, if the street is shut or if there’s a mischance, development going on or whatever another incident on the street for which traffic may be moderate.

Every user is now able to empower “Live Traffic” highlight by the action of clicking menu and tapping on “Traffic” catch.


Live traffic points of interest can be seen both on versatile application and desktop.

For urban areas where live traffic is empowered, reporting was observed to be entirely exact. However, it is watched that yellow lines shouldn’t be stressed over much unless courses are red that one must maintain a strategic distance from.

Do tell us your experience and in the situation that you found the live traffic reporting precise or not. Cheerful Driving.

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