Pakistan Railway App

For facilitating the travelers, the official Pakistan Railway app announced. The Pakistan Railway app permits access to a portion of the components accessible on the site like looking for accessible prepares and booking tickets yet as we discovered, it accompanies its own particular share of issues too.

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Pakistan Railway App Introduction

When you first open the Pakistan Railway app, you’re welcomed with the app logo toward the trains, trailed by page that gives you a chance to enlist or sign in.

Pakistan Railway App 1

The registration process requires the sending of the SMS code for check yet not the email confirmation code (you require both for enlisting) or the other way around. You can however get to the Pakistan Railway app by tapping “Guest Sign In”. Doing as such will take you to the principle page of the app.

Pakistan Railway App 2

However, you can access to the “Tickets” choice after registration.


You can however get to alternate choices on the Pakistan Railway app. When you tap the Timings alternative, you are taken to a rundown of trains. Here you can scan for train and view the timings and the course of the trains.

Pakistan Railway App 3


Another alternative of the Pakistan Railway app that functioned admirably is the “Travel” choice. You can tap on “Go” from the fundamental page and look for accessible prepares and ticket costs. You will be required to enter the quantity of grown-ups or youngsters that need to go with flight date and additionally takeoff point and landing point.

Pakistan Railway App 4

Every user is restricted to tapping on the “+” and “- ” signs to include the number of travelers which is a little however imperative detail which ruins client encounter. Therefore, it is necessary to have the choice to enter a number specifically as well.

Hunting down a train going from Rawalpindi to Lahore got us the above outcome. Its value calling attention to that the Pakistan Railways site works a similar way and even shows the outcomes in a comparable way.

Helpline Option

The helpline choice is truly fundamental as it just essentially dials the Pakistan Railways Helpline number for you. You should simply enter your city code and tap “Call Helpline”.

Pakistan Railway App 5

Cargo Option

The “Freight” alternative of the Pakistan Railway app is sadly broken. You can include the ware you have to transport with the flight and entry focuses for the cargo. When you look for it, you generally get the accompanying mistake:

Pakistan Railway App 6

Everything you try to activate this option isn’t working and shows the same blunder.

Pakistan Railway App 9

Feedback Option

The input choice works regularly and can give you a chance to impart your proposals to Pakistan Railway. You can tap on “complaint” to send an objection also.

Pakistan Railway App 7

Tapping on “Cleanliness” will open up a drop down rundown of conceivable protestations that you can send to Pakistan Railways. You can browse the accompanying alternatives:

Pakistan Railway App 8

Last Words

The outline dialect is dated and without any liveliness with level catches and unappealing UI. Some may appreciate it as it gives basic and direct access to everything on the app however considering this is 2017, you will definitely like the Pakistan Railway app if it takes after present day plan rules.

The registration failure issue of the Pakistan Railway app will radically bring down the strategic offer of the app. The Freight alternative didn’t work at all either. To abridge, while Pak Railways ought to be praised for attempting to endeavor to take into account cell phone clients, we trust that they enhance the app and make it really usable.

You can download the Pakistan Railway app from here.

Source: ProPakistani

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