Pakistan Domain Names

The Minister of Information Technology (MoIT), Anusha has uncovered that Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board has passed a determination, containing the Pakistan domain names in the form of the Internet Registry پاکستان.

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Pakistan Domain Names پاکستان

The local group of Pakistan will now have the capacity to enroll and utilize Pakistan domain names in local dialects. This will help the natives to get to website pages in Urdu. Notwithstanding making route simpler, the Pakistan domain names will likewise be profitable in focusing on nearby markets, non-English talking web clients and for neighborhood advancements.

The web based business market of Pakistan will likewise profit by this advancement by wiping out the dialect obstructions and coming to focused clients.

Pakistan now has “.pk” Pakistan domain names and speck پاکستان will be a critical stride towards making computerized Pakistan through nearby substance. MoIT affirmed the demand for web registry پاکستان in interview with partners’ board individuals from Academia, Civil Society, Internet Community, ISPAK, National Language Authorities, PASHA, PTA, Governments and so forth. Pakistan has now effectively finished the readiness and advancement phases of ICANN Fast track for Integrated Delivery Network nation code Top-Level Domain (IDN ccTLDs). The priest valued the endeavors of group MoIT, multi-partner specialized board individuals on web registry پاکستان and group NTC.


Built up in 1988, ICANN is a not-revenue driven organization of individuals from everywhere throughout the world devoted to keeping the web steady and secure. ICANN oversees Domain Name System (DNS) and guarantees that each web address is one of a kind and legitimate. A domain name contains two components: previously, then after the fact “the spot”. The part to one side of the speck, for example, “com”, “net”, “organization” or now “پاکستان”, is known as a “top-level domain” or TLD. The part before the speck is the domain name that you enlist.

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) will be the director for web registry پاکستان.

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