Nickelodeon TV Channel

On 27th April, Nickelodeon TV Channel communicates a toon arrangement in view of the prevalent society story ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’. This cartoon had sketchy material in it. As indicated by PEMRA, they got objections from guardians because of which the provoke move was made against the toon. Guardians were stunned at the substance. It circulated in the show and griped to the electronic media guard dog, after which a move was made after examination. PEMRA additionally expressed that survey of such substance is against the religion and the moral code. In addition, the Nickelodeon TV Channel cartoon can devastatingly affect more youthful personalities in the more drawn-out run.

This isn’t the principal occasion of its kind, however. Last time PEMRA were confronted with such a circumstance, the faulty toon show was prohibited for a whole year.

The channel has been made a request to react to PEMRA and may need to cling to one of the accompanying punishments:

  • According to Section 30, landing right issues will be suspended or revoked
  • According to Section 29, pay a fine of Rs. 1 million

Nickelodeon TV Channel

Nickelodeon TV Channel is frequently abbreviated to Nick. It is an American digital TV and satellite Telecom Company propelled on December 1, 1977. The Nickelodeon TV Channel is claimed by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and situated in New York City. It is essentially gone for youngsters and youths matured 8–17 while its weekday morning edutainment projects are focused at more youthful kid’s ages 0–7.

The name of the Nickelodeon TV Channel originates from the initial five penny motion picture theaters called nickelodeons. Nickelodeon’s history goes back to December 1, 1977, when Warner Cable Communications propelled the initial two-way intuitive link framework, QUBE, in Columbus, Ohio.

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