The PEMRA has issued the changed Information Memorandum (IM) for the sale of DTH licenses to be hung on October 31, 2016.

PEMRA has changed the qualification criteria for the candidates, which has effectively excluded a portion of the prior acknowledged candidates. More subtle elements beneath!

Qualification Criteria for Applicants:
  • Candidate must be an enrolled with the SECP.
  • One candidate can’t make a difference or get more than one DTH permit.
  • Candidates must have a base paid-up capital of Rs. 100 Million.
  • The candidate organization will need to exhibit that it has adequate budgetary and specialized assets to dispatch, set up and work the DTH Distribution Service.
  • Candidates might have under half of the shares claimed or controlled by remote nationals/organizations, assuming any, with or without administration or control vested in outside nationals or organizations.
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the candidate organization must be an occupant Pakistani.
  • The candidate, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, as of now holding any license(s) issued by the Authority, might not be qualified for the award of the permit unless every single extraordinary due in appreciation of such license(s) have been paid.
  • Any chief or shareholder of one Applicant Company might not be an executive or shareholder in some other candidate organization for DTH Distribution Service License. The candidates must not as of now be a licensee who possesses, controls or works specifically or in a roundabout way any communicate media permit or landing rights consent
  • The candidate should show all-inclusive administration destinations.
Short posting of Applicant Companies

The candidate organizations should be shortlisted according to the above criteria according to arrangements of PEMRA Laws on the premise of the records/data gave them. Deficient applications may not be entertained.

Short posting of Applicant Company, in any case, might not ensure stipend of the permit. The permit might be allowed to the effective bidders simply after satisfaction of every single lawful prerequisite, endorsement of Authority and installment of imperative charges and duties.

Shortlisting does exclude trusted status, open hearing and common simultaneousness. These should be accomplished for all shortlisted candidates after fruition of the offering procedure and before the award of the permit.

PEMRA maintains whatever authority is needed to look for any data and illumination or any extra documentation from any candidate organization or its shareholding or holding/guardian organization inside such time as it might consider fit. When the candidate organization neglects to give such data and elucidation inside the stipulated time, its application might be rejected with no further handling. The shortlisted candidate organizations should be welcome to take an interest in the offering. The candidate organization might take an interest in the offering according to offering technique given in control 10 underneath.

Offering Procedure

Shortlisted organizations that take an interest in the offering should give a different Power of Attorney, on stamp paper and executed, authorized, saw, stamped and confirmed as required by law, for the individual speaking to the organization in the offering procedure (Schedule-G). The organization might be bound by the choices of that individual so approved or having the force of lawyer in matters associated with the offering.

A most extreme of two agents for every organization might be permitted to take an interest in the offering.

When under three shortlisted bidders show up on the offering date, the matter might allude to the Authority for choice, and the Authority should choose inside thirty (30) timetable days whether to announce the bidder or bidders temporarily fruitful or not.

The choice of the Authority might be last.

The Bidding Committee, appropriately constituted by the Authority, might direct the offering procedure. If there should be an occurrence of any debate amid the offering procedure, the choice of the Bidding Committee might be last.

The offering should comprise of the accompanying two rounds:

To begin with Round through fixed offers

Second Round through open clamor

The second round should begin promptly after the first round.

Just approved people of the shortlisted candidate organizations should be permitted to partake in the offering procedure on the arrangement of the approval letter.

The offers should be offered in Pak Rupees.

The contingent offers, having “ifs” and “buts,” might out-appropriately be rejected.

Permit Fee

The fruitful bidders may pay the permit charge forthright or in portions according to taking after choices:

Forthright: 100% installment

Portions: a forthright installment of the equalization towards half of the relevant permit expense, and the rest of the sum in 10 years in 10 square with yearly portions with an aggregate imprint up the rate at the KIBOR rate, connected from the time of the date the forthright installment is because of the installment date. The fruitful bidders may pay the rest of the similarity of the Applicable License Fee whenever ahead of time of the booked portion, alongside installment of aggregate imprint up to such date of installment.

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