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A Chinese company will provide digital tv equipment for Pakistan. Telecast Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese firm having some expertise in assembling of digital CATV hardware; simply pay TV frameworks; and MMDS frameworks, today went to Pakistan and met different government authorities including PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam. Broadcast Technology Corporation, amid gatherings, demonstrated its enthusiasm for setting up an assembling unit in Pakistan to locally create set top box for DTH and digital satellite TV in the nation.


Digital TV Services

It perhaps reviewed that PEMRA is the procedure of selling DTH licenses in Pakistan and is planning to sell three DTH licenses by the end of November 2016. PEMRA has said that it has shortlisted 16 organizations for the offering and the last closeout is to happen amid a week ago of November 2016. PEMRA is likewise in the procedure of digitizing the satellite TV arrange in the nation. It has as of now requested that link administrators begin conveying digital Cable TV arrange in the nation. A prior due date of May 30th, 2016 was set for finish digitization of Cable TV arrange in the nation, in any case, after contribution from satellite TV administrator this due date was put off.

Also, an announcement issued by PEMRA said that Chinese firm requested power’s support in setting up its assembling unit in Pakistan, for which Absar guaranteed the assignment of all conceivable support yet requested that the designation present a more point by point proposition for legitimate scrutiny.

What is Digital TV?

It is the transmission of sound and video by digitally handled and multiplexed motion, as opposed to the simple and station isolated signs utilized by simple TV. Digital TV can bolster more than one program in similar station bandwidth. It is a creative administration that speaks to the huge primary development in TV innovation since shading TV in the 1950s. Several districts of the world are in various phases of adjustment and are executing diverse telecom principles.

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