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The MyScript Nebo app at present takes a shot at some iPad and Windows 10 gadgets and the Android is anticipated, yet not every one of them. The MyScript Nebo requires gadgets that strengthen dynamic pens, similar to the Apple Pencil or Surface Pen. What’s more, the organization stresses it should be a decent one. Inactive styluses work by putting on a show to be your finger and do not have the exactness important to catch all the fundamental stroke information.

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MyScript Nebo Review

The MyScript Nebo application, which ordinarily costs $9 yet is free for the occasion, tries to reenact the genuine writing-in-a-notebook encounter, though with some valuable and one of a kind abilities like blended text style/penmanship altering and penmanship reflow, condition acknowledgment (from its adding machine application) and understanding (like its mini-computer) and change of attracted shapes to computerized vector objects.

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The capacity to reflow the manually written content is additionally novel. As opposed to downsizing to disjointedly little when the flat show region contracts – think turning from level to vertical, for instance the Interactive Ink rewraps the content as though it were written. Similarly as with practically every algorithmic motor nowadays, The MyScript Nebo app utilizes neural systems and semantic motors to decipher penmanship and to consider it to be words instead of only a gathering of strokes.

The condition acknowledgment is incredible when it works, less when it doesn’t. You can’t appear compose various conditions in a solitary box, it remembers them as a solitary, truly revolting condition, so taking math notes may get truly dreary from the steady reiteration of making new boxes. The charting isn’t terrible, however, and it comprehends content that you compose. It even legitimately perceives covering items, for example, hovers in a Venn outline. In any case it doesn’t appear to comprehend triangles. Outlining doesn’t require any favor changes, so it’s really essential, with hues and some fine nib sizes.


There are two genuine inconveniences with MyScript Nebo. On Windows, in any event, the palm dismissal isn’t awesome; my hand’s continually pulling up the errand bar and more awful, propelling applications. What’s more, there’s a constant Sign In standard that you can’t dispose of, and that takes up a considerable measure of screen land – doubly irritating in the event that you never need to sign in. It’s additionally conflicting. A few circumstances the acknowledgment is awesome, yet different circumstances, not that great.

You can download the MyScript Nebo from here.


Many individuals won’t have the capacity to utilize Nebo due to its costly equipment prerequisites, however combined with the littler iPad Pro 9.7 or Note 7, once Nebo picks up Android strengthen, it may be an additionally convincing note-taking framework. If you claim a tablet with a decent dynamic stylus and you take a ton of notes, it’s very worth giving MyScript Nebo a shot while it’s free. Despite that, your mileage may change.


MyScript Nebo does some one of a kind traps, for example, reflowing penmanship, blended content/penmanship operation and condition acknowledgment. What’s more, when it’s great, it’s, great.


The MyScript Nebo requires one of the pricier tablets and like numerous advanced note-taking frameworks, it can be finicky to the point where you may not believe it’s justified regardless of the exertion.

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