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Muslim voters are probably going to assume a huge part in the US presidential election one week from now as the race between Republican presidential candidate Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has fixed, a report remains. As indicated by a survey discharged on Sunday, Clinton and Trump are practically tied after the FBI’s declaration to revive an examination concerning new messages sent by Clinton on a private email server amid her time as secretary of state. As indicated by the freshest ABC News/Washington Post following survey, Trump diminished Clinton’s 12-point lead from a week ago to stand out rate point, trailing her 46 percent to 45 percent. This situation has made the Muslim vote, which is around 1 percent of the aggregate vote, additionally imperative, the Dawn daily paper said on Monday in a report documented by its journalist from Washington, DC.

Role of Muslims in US Presidential Election

The report said both Democrats and Republicans are contacting Muslim voters this year, especially in the urban regions of key swing states where Muslims do have a discernible nearness. To a great extent Muslims are against Trump because of his talk against Islam and Muslims yet at the same time Republicans are reaching Muslim media outlets, with messages underlining Trump’s business contacts with the Muslim world. A week ago, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an umbrella association with workplaces the nation over, discharged a review, which demonstrates that 72 percent of likely Muslim voters plan to vote for Clinton, while just four percent said they would vote for Trump.

Muslims accumulate at a mosque in Ozone Park, Brooklyn, New York City.

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As per the CAIR report, 86 percent of enlisted Muslim voters plan to cast their polls in the November 8 election.

The New York businessman’s crusade has been defaced by his trashing comments against minorities in the US. His remarks incorporate a call to restriction all Muslims from coming to America and additionally constrained expelling of Mexican vagrants by building a long divider along the US-Mexico outskirt. He has likewise looked for a database to track Muslims over the United States and said that the US would have definitely no decision yet to shut down mosques. Trump’s proposition has been censured by Muslim and human rights bunches and his Democratic opponents and a hefty portion of his Republican defenders who portray the proposition as divisive, counterproductive and in spite of American qualities.

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