Misplaced Mobile Phone

The misplaced mobile phone or the stolen ones is a big problem these days. Numerous administration organizations and companies would esteem such an additional layer of security for figuring gadgets that may get lost or stolen. In any case, past trials with self-destructing hardware have either depended on new concentrated chip outlines or have taken far longer than 10 seconds.

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The misplaced mobile phone or the grabbing has turned into a considerably more concerning issue because of the deluge of costly cell phones, particularly in exceedingly populated urban areas like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. However, unless there is some ad lib on the snatchers’ end, we could soon be free from this problem, because of “Self-destructing telephones”.

Misplaced Mobile Phone Solution

For solving the misplaced mobile phone issue, a gathering of analysts at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia has built up another self-destruct instrument. It works immediately and happen when a telephone is stolen, securing gadget’s delicate information and also ruining any exchanging plans on the criminals’ end.

Who Can Avail It?

The technology is pointed at customers who particularly require information assurance; insight groups, partnerships, banks, multifaceted investments, standardized savings organizations, authorities who handle monstrous information. Despite that, since it is effectively installable on most present day gadgets, it could work for practically any individual who needs an additional layer of security.


It comprises of an expandable polymer that can be remotely activated utilizing GPS or a secret key empowered application to fold the gadget’s chips. It is fit for decimating a silicon chip up to 90 micrometers thick, or under 0.1mm.

The system utilizes radiator cathodes that draw control from the gadget’s battery and enact the polymer, quickly extending it to seven circumstances its unique size when warmed to 80°C. Since most present day gadgets come outfitted with a non-removable battery, there is no real way to deter the power supply between the anodes and the battery.


Every self-destruct instrument could cost as meager as $15 and can likewise be retrofitted to existing portable PCs and desktops.

So, you don’t need to worry about the misplaced mobile phone in future.

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