Metro Feeder Bus

Punjab government has reported 200 busses which will keep running on feeder courses towards. The Metro Feeder Bus venture was at first expressed to begin in April a year ago. Despite that, delays in assent between the Punjab Mass-transit Authority (PMA) and the administrator deferred the Metro Feeder Bus venture.

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The Metro Feeder Bus administration was formally propelled by Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, today. The 200 new busses will likewise offer comparative straightforwardness and availability as the Metro Bus benefit and will work inside a 500 meter sweep to interface the 27-km Metro bus course to whatever is left of Lahore.

There will be 14 highways (129km in course length) with busses arriving at regular intervals. The passage gathering framework will be programmed and the busses will be outfitted with Bus Scheduling System.

Metro Feeder Bus Major Features

The Metro Feeder Bus administration will work from 6 AM to 11 PM. The busses will be outfitted with the accompanying elements:

  • Completely aerated and cooled
  • Programmed stop declaration like Metro busses
  • Camera reconnaissance
  • Slope for wheel seat travelers
  • Need seats for the impeded and the old
  • Traveler entryway security

Metro Feeder Bus 1


  • A similar metro bus card can be utilized as a part of both Metro Feeder Bus and Metro bus. A settled and straightforward incorporated admission will be charged regardless of the course and administrations.
  • Level charge of Rs. 15 will be charged for Metro Feeder Bus travelers.
  • Extra excursion charge of Rs. 5 will be charged for travelers exchanging from Feeder bus to Metro bus.
  • Metro bus travelers need to pay nothing when exchanging to Feeder busses.
  • Travelers setting out from Metro Feeder Bus to feeder bus will be charged Rs. 5 for every excursion.
  • Most extreme admission of Rs 25 will be charged for three excursions.
  • A traveler needs to change to next bus inside 30 minutes or the token will terminate.

Administrator Charges

Out of the aggregate 200 busses, 162 are enormous measured (for 70 travelers) while the rest of the 38 are little estimated, as indicated by Daewoo. The Metro Feeder Bus administrator has a six year contract with PMA and can be reached out upon understanding between both sides.

Metro Feeder Bus 2

The administration will pay a level rate of Rs 165 for each kilometer for expansive busses and Rs 140 for little busses independent of whether there are any travelers or not. Nonetheless, it is assessed that an enormous measure of voyagers will profit by the administration amid busy hours. 162 vast busses are fit for conveying around 1,000 travelers every day.

Other Information

Ticket card deal focuses of the Metro Feeder Bus system will be set up at 22 areas along the feeder courses and 15 handheld electronic ticket validators will be utilized by ticket examiners. It is conceivable that the administration will be extended later on.

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