Luggage Scanner

All real railroad stations in Pakistan will be outfitted with luggage scanner, as per new mandates issued by Minister for Railway Khwaja Saad Rafique.

The luggage scanner move comes when the nation is recuperating from a current spate of fear based oppression saw in every one of the four territories.

Luggage Scanner Implementation

A few railroad stations the nation over now have the facility of the luggage scanner either operational or during the time spent establishment. Luggage of travelers at Karachi Cantt, Rohri and Rawalpindi stations is now being checked with these machines while hardware to sweep things at Lahore will soon be operational, as indicated by the Railway Police Inspector General Munir Ahmad Chishti.

At Rawalpindi Railway Station, two luggage scanning machines have been introduced: one luggage scanner to process travelers’ luggage, and another, in the Cargo Terminal. As indicated by sources, a few different stations, including those at Peshawar and Quetta, will get scanners in stages.

This increasing speed of luggage scanner establishments is unquestionably a genuinely necessary move – and maybe one that ought to have come quite a while prior. Its advantages are now noticeable; as indicated by Mr Chishti, opiates and illicit weapons have been recuperated at the Faisalabad and Karachi stations by utilizing these scanners, bringing about the guilty parties being captured.

Different plans are all the while being made to improve security at railroads stations. The railroad police acquired the most recent weapons from Wah Ordnance Factory, and authorities have been coordinated to watch out for all travelers without attacking their security. Hazardous recognizing hardware has likewise been secured for specific stations.

As per a senior officer of railroad police, the quantity of plainclothesmen in moving trains has been expanded to guarantee more noteworthy in-prepare security. Railroad police authorities are routinely watching inside their purviews while pilot motors are being keep running in front of the primary prepares in touchy ranges.

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