Lenovo Yoga 910 Laptop

The Lenovo is giving the Yoga 900 a dramatic makeover – to such an extent that any reasonable person would agree the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop is totally extraordinary 2-in-1 portable workstation. Lenovo has changed or totally changed each component of its leader convertible with a slimmer suspension, bigger 13.9-inch UHD screen, littler bezels, redid console format and Intel’s most recent seventh era processors.

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Lenovo Yoga 910 Laptop Review

In any case, all these little upgrades have made the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop a somewhat more costly gadget, beginning at $1,049 (£1,299, AU$1,999). Beside the higher sticker price, a couple of new life span and solace issues keep it from being the best half and half machine available.

Evaluating and Accessibility

With that beginning value, the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop isn’t the world’s most moderate lead 2-in-1. Nonetheless, for this exceptional, you get a stacked beginning arrangement with a 1080p touchscreen, a fast Intel Core i7-7500U processor, a respectable 8GB of memory and a 256GB SSD. For a marginally pricier $1,159 (£1,399, AU$2,499), the 13-inch HP Specter x360 convertible offers twice as much stockpiling.

Then again, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is equipped with discrete Nvidia GeForce GT 940MX representation and 16GB of RAM for $1,199 (or £899 in the UK less 4GB of RAM and blaze stockpiling). It’s seemingly the most effective machine in this parcel, on account of its devoted representation chip, yet you’ll too be restricted to a 1080p screen and a last-era Intel Core i7 processor. However, the combo of a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD is hard to disregard.


The Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop is among the most slender convertible portable PCs on the planet, measuring in at only 0.56 inches (1.43cm). The 0.54-inch thick HP Specter x360 just figures out how to edge it out by a couple of hundredths of an inch.

Lenovo Yoga 910 Laptop 1

Contrasted with the last-era Yoga 900, the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop is just a fragment more slender by 0.03 inches (0.01cm). Lenovo’s most recent leader convertible is likewise 0.2 pounds heavier than a year ago model, and this is because of its denser 79 Watt-hour battery and 0.6-inch bigger display.

The Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop comes prepared to complete work, and it ran perfectly during different time of rebuffing assignments in our testing. There isn’t the smallest clue of gradualness, even while altering numerous photographs in Photoshop with twelve sites open in both Firefox and Chrome, but then another application spilling Google Play Music.

Battery Performance

Lenovo rates the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop for 10 hours of battery existence with its new 79 Watt-hour cells, however it should slice that gauge down the middle. The convertible tablet kept going a normal of 4 hours and 23 minutes through the tiring PCMark 8 battery test, and after that exclusive nine minutes longer on our more preservationist film test.

Last Decision

The Lenovo Yoga arrangement has been a rollercoaster of excellent developments and frustrations. The Yoga 3 Pro was a deed of designing defaced by poor execution and poorer battery life. Short after, the Lenovo Yoga 900 was a resonating change, including more battery life and handling power. Tragically, the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop feels like both a change and slip for the storied portable workstation line.

Lenovo’s lead 2-in-1 tablet thins down while picking up an inch of screen land, yet not all is impeccable about this most noteworthy model refresh.


  • Generously bigger screen
  • Shaking speakers
  • Edgier looks


  • Extensive jaw
  • Warms up (and gets boisterous) quick
  • Baffling battery life
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