Basant Festival

Punjab government has given a green flag to observe Basant festival in Lahore in February this year. This news was reported by Rana Mashood, the individual from Basant board of trustees. According to subtle elements, Basant celebrations would initiate in particular regions of Lahore first. Kite flying was banned in the region after Punjab Prohibition of Kite Flying Amendment Bill was passed in 2009 that denies produce and offer of kites. The bill was passed inferable from passings amid Basant festival. Kite-string, well sharpened sharp string used to fly kites asserted many lives in years before the movement was banned.

The string is regularly covered with rough material, for example, pounded glass blended with rice paste, to cut the strings of other individuals’ kites. Motorcyclists are more defenseless to wounds or even expires while speeding through the city streets.

What’s Basant Festival?

The Basant Festival is a regular festival of the Punjab district. It is hung on the fifth day of lunar month of Magha (in late January or early February). This occasion denotes the beginning of spring. Basant is additionally celebrated in urban communities of Pakistan, for example, Lahore and Rawalpindi. Though, the substance string known as “synthetic dor” used to fly kites is unsafe to human life and is entirely restricted by the laws of Pakistan which have brought about a prohibition on kite flying around the festival time frame. In many parts of India, Basant is seen as a mainstream occasion, with no festival joined to it.

Nonetheless, in the Punjab area (counting the Punjab territory of Pakistan), Basant is commended with much fervor and Basant has an unmistakable element. There is a since quite a while ago settled custom of flying kites and holding fairs. Lahore, Amritsar, and Kasur are the customary regions where kite flying festivals are held. A prominent Basant festival is held in Lahore. Notwithstanding, the festival has likewise been customarily celebrated in territories, for example, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Gurdaspur.

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