Kona Game

Why you have to play the Kona game? In the occasion that you cherish a decent puzzle, and a decent terrify, you’ll certainly need to watch out for Kona game, another riddle survival game set in 1970’s Northern Canada coming to PS4 one month from now. The game was made by Canadian advancement suit called Parabole. The Parabole prime supporter Alexandre Fiset distributed a post to the PlayStation Blog to educate us concerning Kona game.

Kona Game Ideology

The Kona game, a puzzle set in the 1970s, was initially composed and voiced in French (obviously extra subtitle and voiceover dialects are accessible). The story was composed by essayist David Bélanger and the first score was recorded by a nearby people shake band called CuréLabel. The outcome is a game that looks, sounds, and feels exceptionally credible.

To put it plainly, Kona game is a vintage and climatic game that mixes riddle, enterprise, and survival components that the PlayStation group can appreciate this March.

He clearly wouldn’t like to give away excessively. This is a riddle, all things considered. We do realize that there will be some sort of paranormal component, and you can see some ruler of gleaming blue gems or ice on the ground in part of the trailer. It additionally appears as though we’ll be managing some lord of creature or mutant.

With respect to post-dispatch upgrades, Fiset specified in the remarks area of the post that the group was anticipating fixing in PlayStation 4 Pro strengthen post-dispatch, and perhaps even PlayStation VR bolster. He additionally said the craving to convey the game to fans physically, however that will all rely on upon how it offers and how it’s gotten out of the door.

Words can’t depict how it feels to bring our game to such an astounding stage.

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