Jon von Tetzchner Creator of Opera Browser

People should fret about online data collection by technology companies since it gives them an unmatched understanding into users’ lives, the inventor of one of the largest browsers, Opera, said on Thursday night.

Jon von Tetzchner Creator of Opera Browser What Says about Online Privacy

Jon von Tetzchner said the situation was already comparable to George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’, since “everyone is being followed and everyone’s information is being collected”.Lack of knowing of the quantity of data gathered is “a perfect surprise of an extremely bad idea,” he advised Reuters at the net Summit discussion in Lisbon.

Jon von Tetzchner creator of Opera Browser created Opera in 1996 and is currently promoting his new internet browser, Vivaldi, that he says better addresses personal privacy concerns.

Opera gained 350 million users and prominence in the mobile market, but he still left it in 2011 because he disagreed with the browser’s deal to a Chinese language consortium.

He has since launched Vivaldi, which include functions he says bigger web browsers absence. will not track queries and is dependent on a network of users who recommend features, he said.

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It now has in regards to a million users, but von Tetzchner said it possessed an “exponential expansion rate” and the business will soon release a mobile web browser.

Google dominates the web ad market and it finished Vivaldi’s advertising profile. Google partnered Opera before starting the Chrome internet browser in 2008.

“I really wish these companies would behave,” von Tetzchner said, adding that a free internet was “more important in the bigger picture.”

He said he was progressively more worried about data collection and monitoring by tech giants like Facebook and Google.

Previous year’s US election exhibited that users can be targeted with differentiated adverts amid proof that Russia may have manipulated the vote with politics adverts on Facebook. Von Tetzchner said the next phase is actually a broader propaganda battle.

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