Jobs For Lazy People

Looking for the jobs for lazy people! There is an incredible news for people who adore dozing the most. Energizing news for all such lazy fellows out there! Consider the possibility that you get paid for doing the least demanding assignment on the planet – lying in the bed. Sounds pipe dream, isn’t that so? And best jobs for lazy people.

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Jobs For Lazy People Reality

Though, it’s valid as there are one of the excellent jobs for lazy people offer which pay you €16,000 (£13,700 or $17k) for burning through two months or 60 days lying in bed. The offer originates from the Researchers at France’s Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology who are searching for volunteers who can lie for 60 days in bed.

The thought is to concentrate the impacts of microgravity. The thought with this review is to recreate the weightlessness of the International Space Station (ISS), Dr. Arnaud Beck, planning doctor of the review, told 20 Minutes.


Volunteers are required to burn through three months of the review which has been part into three stages. Amid the initial two weeks, our logical groups do a progression of examinations and estimations on the volunteers, said Dr. Beck.

There takes after a time of 60 days amid which they should remain absolutely out of commission, with the head somewhat slanted downwards, no less than six degrees. The last fortnight with being offered over to restoration and physical recuperation and new measures to concentrate the impacts of delayed bed rest.

The members require burning through 60 days eating, resting, washing and do whatever they do in their easygoing routine while remaining forever resting in the bed. Administer of the amusement is to keep no less than one shoulder in contact with the bed or stretcher. As indicated by Dr. Beck. This one of the best jobs for lazy people position is open just for guys who must be non-smokers matured between the ages of 20 to 45. They should have idealized wellbeing, and routinely rehearse don. Also, have no hypersensitivities and a BMI of in the vicinity of 22 and 27.

In the occasion that this sort of employment interests you, apply here.

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