The commonplace legislature of Punjab has been guided by the Lahore High Court to present another condition in the marriage authentication (Nikkahnama). It is related to the jahaiz. This will incorporate the dowry things given by the lady’s family.

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This to address the issue of precisely what can be reclaimed by them if there should be an occurrence of separation and to decrease the measure of issues individuals need to experience to recover their belonging.

Jahaiz Items In Marriage Certificate

This revision has come to fruition therefore of a composed request of recorded by a lady who was by and by influenced by the absence of such a provision. She had beforehand tested the error of the jahaiz things she was owed in a lower court of Bahawalpur.

As indicated by Justice Tariq Iftikhar Ahmed,

There should be a law which would state upon marriage, all things relating to marriage i.e. dowry should be duly incorporated in the columns of Nikahnama so that the miseries and obstacles of the female litigants could be curbed down in future and providing a strong and concrete social and legal set-up.

In his decision the concerned judge saw that the issue of jahaiz had developed sufficiently substantial to end up noticeably a social danger even in present day times in the nation. It has prompted the abuse of ladies going the extent that physical brutality against ladies while likewise being the main source of monetary and enthusiastic worry to families with a ton of girls.

The judge stated:

This stigma should be removed and shackled with an iron hand at grassroots level and should be uprooted to maintain serene and harmony in society.

Besides, the judge likewise expressed that he lamented that administrations in Pakistan had continually taken after and held every one of the laws that the British had actualized with no changes. This has prompted individual laws being altogether different in Pakistan relying upon the religion of the individual and Muslim and Christian ladies have even less rights.

He likewise saw that the incorporation of adding the jahaiz items condition in the marriage declaration would be a distinct advantage for a considerable measure of reasons. It would guarantee that the lady recovers all her jahaiz. It is as opposed to exactly what the man’s family chooses to give her by making any offense culpable under law.

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