sky of China 3 Suns appeared

Photographers have captured gorgeous footage of a rare natural phenomenon which makes it appear like as if our planet has three suns. Individuals in China surprised by the footage of what seems when in the sky of China 3 Suns appeared on 28th November.

Detail When In the Sky of China 3 Suns Appeared

Two small coloured patches, or ‘phantom suns’, will be seen positioned on the left and proper aspect of the particular sun in the sky.

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The phenomenon referred to as “sun dogs” appeared in the sky over Hulunbuir City in China’s Inside Mongolia.

Watch Video When In the Sky of China 3 Suns Appeared

The video reveals two patches of sunshine to the left and right of the sun.

Sun dogs happen when daylight is refracted by ice crystals in the  atmosphere, creating a 3 sun illusion.

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