HP has discharged a secluded PC that resembles a versatile Bluetooth speaker on the outside, however, offers desktop-level execution within. With the Bang and Olufsen marking down underneath, it does appear like a speaker with a PC pushed inside.


Despite the fact that this is one of the principal secluded PCs made by HP, it wasn’t the first to think of having particular segments for your PC. That credit goes to Lenovo. Lenovo discharged the Thinkpad Stack a year ago however it wasn’t a secluded PC. It was only an arrangement of attractive accessories for your tablet. HP’s Elite Slice is a standalone PC with particular segments which join to it to offer more capacity. The Elite Slice is essentially gone for business and office utilization, with the cost and specs which coordinate that.

Features and Functionality

It comes with a sixth era Intel Core i7 processor and enterprise level security programming. You can associate the Elite Slice with mice and consoles with the ports gave. It houses two USB 3.1 sort C ports, two USB 2.0 ports, DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Moreover, the base model has an earphone/mouthpiece jack with an Ethernet port, and additionally a discretionary unique mark sensor and double microphones.


The modules interface with the Elite Slice through USB sort C ports at the base of each module, including the PC piece itself. HP calls these the “HP Slice Connector”. The modules will incorporate a sound module including Bang and Olufsen upgrades, something many refer to as the “Coordinated effort Cover”. An optical disk drive is also added.

Coordinated effort Cover

The Collaboration Cover transforms the Elite Slice into a Skype for Business telephone. The Cover attaches on the top and has capacitive keys on the shell. All of the Collaborative Covers can have their own skype number, permitting you to set up a telephone without telephone lines. Also, the green call key initiates the call, as visible in the picture underneath.


At first, HP Elite Slice costs you $700 for the base model and weighs around 1 kilogram. HP will dispatch a wireless charging module in 2017 which will permit you to charge perfect devices by simply setting them on top of the Slice.

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