The Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) administrations were dispatched in Pakistan in 2014 by four (4) Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs). The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has as of late led an overview utilizing NEMO Invext-I as a part of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi to discover whether NGMS and CMO administrators are giving administrations according to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set in their permit and pertinent controls. The study is in advancement in different urban areas of Pakistan.

Key Performance Indicators of the Next Generation Mobile Services

  1. Client Data Throughput

This KPI characterizes client information rate (Internet velocity) to be given by NGMS administrators to versatile clients over the throughout the coverage territories.

Client information “throughput” of all NGMS administrators is higher than the benchmark set in their particular licenses. Information throughput of Zong is the most astounding took after by Mobilink, while information throughput of Ufone is the least among all NGMS administrators.user data throughput

GSM (2G) Cellular Mobile Services – Key Performance Indicators

1-Voice Services

a) System Accessibility

System Accessibility is the likelihood that versatile administrations are accessible to an end client by presentation of system pointer on the cellular telephone all through the whole length of utilization.

netwrok assessibility

System Accessibility of all the portable administrators is up to the mark.

b) Grade of Service (GoS)

Evaluation of Service is likelihood that the end client can’t get to the portable administrations when asked for on the off chance that it is offered by presentation of the system pointer on the cell telephone. In basic words, Grade of Service is Network Blockings.


Every single portable administrator is meeting the Grade of Service.

c) Call Connection Time

Call Connection Time is the time between sending of complete call start data by the guest and consequently receipt of call setup notice. In basic words, it is time between dialing a number and listening to ring-back tone.

call duration

Just Mobilink and Telenor are meeting this benchmark.

d) Call Completion Ratio

Call Completion Ratio is the likelihood that an administration, once acquired, will keep on being given under offered conditions to a given time length or until intentionally ended by either guest (A-gathering) or recipient (B-party). In basic words, this KPI gives data about Call Drops.


Call Completion Ratio for Mobilink and Ufone is beneath the required standard, while other three portable administrators are meeting the standard.

e) End-to-End Speech Quality

End-to-End Speech Quality is the level of discourse quality that an audience sees at the terminal/versatile with a talker at the flip side. In straightforward words, it gives data about clarity of voice.


End-to-End Speech Quality of all the versatile administrators is over the standard.

2-SMS Services

a) SMS Success Rate

SMS Success Rate is the likelihood that the short message is conveyed effectively, end-to-end when asked for and presentation of the significant data on the cellular telephone. It gives data about effective conveyance of SMS.


SMS achievement rate for Mobilink is beneath the standard, while other versatile administrators are meeting the standard.

b) End-to-End SMS Delivery Time

By the term of the End-to-End SMS Delivery Time, we mean the time between sending a short message to a short message focus and getting the extremely same short message at proposed cellular telephone (beneficiary). It gives normal time taken to conveyance of short message from sender to beneficiary.


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