Godotify App

Do you know about the Godotify app and how can it be beneficial for you if you are a Facebook lover? Nothing bothers me up as much as sitting tight for ease back typers for the prime goal of reacting on my Facebook messages – and the most exceedingly awful part about this is having to quietly hold my nerves as I continue gazing at the writing pointer in wild anticipation. Despite that, the Godotify app will help you give drowsy responders their very own essence medication.

Godotify App Working

Accessible for Mac and the Windows users, the Godotify app is a comical device for Facebook that gives you a chance to ace troll your companions by making them sit tight for your messages… for eternity. The entertaining application basically demonstrates the writing marker to anybody that opens a talk box with you, making it appear as though you’re writing a reaction – despite the fact that you’re definitely not.

For whatever length of time that you keep it running out of sight, the Godotify app will keep depending on to what extent you’re companions have been sitting tight for your reactions. It will likewise send you warnings at whatever time another companion gets on the line.

While like the scandalous ‘Text in Progress’ trick for iMessage, Godotify takes the trolling to the following level as it really reenacts writing instead of just deceiving your companions with a vivified GIF. The Godotify app was made in joint effort between programming engineers Anastasis Germanidis and Iain Nash as a major aspect of the Stupid Hackathon, where members get the opportunity to fabricate projects that “have no esteem at all.”

You are able to download the Godotify app from here and keep your companions sitting tight for your messages… to unendingness and past.

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