Cyber threats have been a viciously growing menace for some time now. Each year, threats in the cyber world only seems to be going from strength to strength, becoming an epidemic of rather epic proportions. Forbes in a recent article estimated that cybercrime will result in damages to the tune of $2 Trillion, by the year 2019 rolls around. Let that sink in for a moment! $2 Trillion in damages caused by hackers and malicious code that collect and change data for gainful purposes.

The most recent high profile revelation about the massive data breach at Equifax only confirms this trend. Over 140 Million account holders’ information was breached at Equifax. If it can happen to a large conglomerate like Equifax that spends millions of dollars on Cybersecurity, you can understand how serious a risk cyber threats are.

The problem is of such epic proportions that the U.S. Government is deeply involved in this issue. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) have begun this year’s edition of the Cyber Security Awareness month in the month of October, like they have done for the past 13 years! All through October, DHS and NCSA will do their best to help people and businesses alike understand the emerging risk that are cyber threats, enabling them with information on how they can stay safe.

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This year’s awareness month actually runs into five weeks. Here’s a quick rundown on what you can expect every week.

What to Expect From Global Security Every Week?

Week 1: October 2 to October 6, 2017

Super simple ways to stay safe when online as an individual

Most individual victims of cyber security threats are those who failed to take simple preventive steps to keep their online activities safe. Even the most harrowing of identity theft cases probably began with a careless error like leaving a public computer logged into a personal social network account or a bank account or some other website that databases critical personal information. Week 1 will focus on how the individual public can take simple but effective steps to vastly diminish their chances of falling prey to cybercrime.

Week 2: October 9-13, 2017

Why Businesses need to understand cyber security and its need?

The theme here is to help business owners understand how protecting their information online is pivotal to not just protecting their success, but to protect their customers as well. The second week will primarily focus on how employees at all levels need to understand the importance of cyber security and the tremendous ripple effect it has.

Some of the more specific sub topics that will be discussed in this week are topics such as the use of VPN’s or virtual private networks to encrypt one’s online data. In cases you did not know, using a VPN is a much safer way to access the Internet than using a public platform accessed through your cable operator’s IP address gateway. VPN isn’t exactly complicated technology or expensive technology to use either. In fact, you can use even free VPN networks and give yourself a much better chance at protecting the data that you send and receive online than when not using a VPN at all.

Week 3: October 16-20, 2017

A look at what the internet is going to look like in the future

Week 3 will focus on how the internet is changing and how the way we use the internet is changing even more. With IOT or the Internet of Things industry making significant progress in recent times, one will be helped to understand how pretty much everything they do in life can be tracked on the Internet, and how they can keep this information safe and secure.

Week 4: October 23-27, 2017

How can you consider a career in cybersecurity?

If there was one good that came from cybersecurity, it is the influx of new jobs. Businesses around the world have realized how critical it is to protect their information online. This has created job openings for cyber security experts, ethical hackers and programmers with an expertise in cyber security. The Center for Cyber Safety and Education has estimated that there will be about 1.8 Million job openings for experts or employees in the cyber security field, as early as 2022.If you are just out of college or are considering a vocation to take up to study, cyber security is definitely one that you must consider!

Week 5: October 30-31, 2017

How Cyber security affects National Infrastructure?

The internet has allowed the government to increase efficacy in the designing, building and maintenance of several key infrastructure facilities. From traffic lights to how drinking water is treated and distributed, there is a server somewhere that receives and executed commands through the Internet, to operate an infrastructure system. As you can imagine, all these systems governing critical infrastructure can be misused, abused or simply shut down, for whatever reason.

Week 5 will therefore present the problem that is cybersecurity in conjunction with national safety.

This year’s Cyber Security awareness month also marks the campaign of the 7th year of running for the Stop. Think. Connect campaign started by the NCSAM.

Stop. Think. Connect is a program where you can actually get personally involved. You can take it upon yourself to earn a license to help others understand the importance of cyber security. There are millions of unsuspecting Americans who do not have a clue about how simple online activity exposes them to serious crimes like identity theft.

Stop. Think. Connect also gives you the opportunity to come an official NCSAM Champion, a credential given to thousands of individuals who are now busy educating others about cyber security, in big and small companies, at schools, at nonprofit organizations, at government offices or even on an individual to individual basis.

Remember the time you advised someone against falling for the Nigerian Prince scam or telling someone not to believe what obviously sounded like fake news on the Internet, here’s your chance to do it as a community service. The Stop. Think. Connect program is recognized all over the world and it will give you the power to officially approach groups of people to better equip them about their online activities and the safety involved.

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