IT Policy

Given the developing patterns of Information Technology, it has ended up basic to reformulate the National IT policy to consider the transformative essentials of technology and its eco-framework fixated on digitization. With this as the main priority, Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT) attempted to draft national IT policy archive in discussion with important partners.

New IT Policy

The initial draft was set up with the support and coordination of IT Industry, PASHA, Academia, Civil Society, pertinent government divisions in 2015. The draft archive was further pondered in numerous engaged gathering sessions with scientists from prime scholarly institutions, high positioning IT specialists, common society, experienced government leaders, digital and Internet benefit suppliers and other related partners. In continuation of its endeavors of inclusive and effort to every single applicable partner, MoIT has now reported directing a last “Partners’ interview” occasion to survey the draft National IT Policy to be hung on 27th October 2016 in Islamabad.

In readiness of this occasion, Ministry figured multi-partner based working gatherings in August 2016 and the draft policy was imparted to the assigned individuals from the working gatherings for their profitable input around then. The goal of the occasion is to settle the National IT policy to make an all-encompassing digital biological community. The working gatherings will concentrate on key themes, for example, advancing advancement and business, foundation improvement, the increment in IT sends out, administrative measures to shield programming industry, empowering e-Commerce environment, sex strengthening and of the PWDs, known as the Persons with Disabilities for IT accessibility.

The importance of the IT Sector is at the top. We are broadly sustained up with the technology of information surrounding us. All that we have seen around us is a result of the top of the line progression. This headway of technology gives the significance of information technology into a more prominent esteem.

The draft policy record can be downloaded from here for open discussion, remarks, and criticism.

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