Google paid 82 individuals an aggregate of $550,000 in the most recent year for discovering security vulnerabilities that could give programmers a chance to bargain telephones, tablets, autos and different devices fueled by the organization’s Android programming.

The organization dispatched the Android Security Rewards program in June 2015 trying to solidify the product. Google presented to $30,000 for vulnerabilities. In spite of the fact that no one got that sum, one scientist called heisecode was paid $75,750 for 26 defenselessness reports, Google said in a blog entry Thursday.

Security openings can be utilized get individual information and access other processing frameworks. Indeed, even bug bounties from Google and other programming creators aren’t the best way to profit from vulnerabilities. The FBI purportedly paid under $1 million for a hack that let it get to an iPhone utilized by Syed Farook, a shooter in December’s San Bernardino fear assault.

For the Android security abundance system’s second year, Google brought reward step up in a few cases. For the most finish sort of Android takeover strategy, Google now will pay $50,000, up from $30,000.

Android is a portable working framework (OS) presently created by Google, in view of the Linux bit and outlined basically for touchscreen cell phones, for example, cell phones, and tablets. It has been the smash hit OS on tablets and on cell phones following 2013 and has the biggest introduced base. Android’s client interface is fundamentally in view of direct control, utilizing touch signals that freely relate to true activities, for example, tapping, swiping, and squeezing, to control on-screen objects, alongside a virtual console for content info. The working framework’s present outline dialect is Google’s Material Design. Android’s essential application store is Google Play, with more than one million Android (“applications”) distributed and 50 billion downloads starting July 2013, notwithstanding touchscreen sorts of gadgets, Google has further created Android for TV, autos, and wristwatches, each with a particular yet comparative interface. Variations and forked adaptations of Android are likewise utilized on journals, diversion reassures, computerized cameras, and different hardware. Android was at first composed by Android, Inc. A 2013 review of versatile application engineers found that 71% of designers make applications for Android from April to May, and a 2015 overview found that 40% of full-time proficient designer priority consider Android to be their objective stage, contrasted with Apple’s iOS on 37% with both stages far above others. In September 2015, Android had 1.4 billion month to month dynamic clients.

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