Leaked Exam Papers

There has been another advancement in the CSS exam spill case. Evidently the FIA has followed 4 IPs for the individual who performed the leaked exam papers practice.

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Everything began 2 months back when a Facebook client by the name of Sadia Kousar leaked CSS exams on the informal organization. The individual working that record leaked exam papers on January 26th, 3 weeks before the exam was because of occur.

Purchase Leaked Exam Papers

Reports show that a portion of the inquiries in the leaked exam papers were in the real exam papers on February sixteenth. Gossipy tidbits have likewise been circling about mystery web-based social networking bunches offering leaked exam papers from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. The learners can get to the papers utilizing the pin which is just be given after installment is affirmed.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) denied these assertions and propelled an examination concerning the matter.

FPSC’s Response

FPSC’s reaction was cited in a public statement saying:

  • A news thing has showed up in the press about accessibility of figure/inquiries via web-based networking media identifying with two necessary papers of CSS-2017 Examination, much before genuine direct of the papers. It has been asserted that the real issues in the papers were very comparative.
  • It is stressed that solid and idiot proof instruments are set up to keep up mystery and privacy of question papers and other related data at the Federal Public Service Commission. It is felt that specific quarters might make an endeavor to cast slanders on the working of FPSC. The matter has been considered important by the Commission and in like manner alluded to Federal Investigation Agency to test and research the matter.

Will Take 2 to 4 Months To Trace

FIA has figured out how to acquire 4 IP addresses connected to the Facebook account specified before. The office asserts that there are a huge number of clients on these IP locations and it is alongside difficult to follow the guilty party. An examination however is as yet in progress which could take 2 to 4 months to finish.

The practice of the leaked exam papers is not a favorable practice for the educational system.

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