Fake Facebook Account

A lady has recorded an appeal to in an area and sessions court in Lahore against a person who has apparently been utilizing her name to work a fake Facebook account and embarrass her.

She asserts that the fake Facebook account being worked by another person has prompted genuine outcomes for her. Shagufta Rani, the individual whose online character has been stolen, got into issue with her significant other who found the fake Facebook account on the web. Taking after this advancement, the spouse showed her out of their home and is currently going so far as to consider partition well.

Fake Facebook Account FIR Against Identity Theft

The lady has enrolled a fake Facebook account FIR against the claimed ID cheat, Raja Khalil. Rani expresses that she had been utilizing the online networking website (Facebook) for quite a while and Khalil had downloaded her profile pictures from her own page and afterward utilized them to make a fake Facebook account. She additionally asserted that the individual she had enlisted the FIR against had sent companion solicitations to many people to mortify her, going so far as to send one such demand to her sibling.

This instance of making fake Facebook profiles by taking pictures from different people groups unique Facebook accounts has done a great deal of harm now and Rani said that it had demolished her marriage also subjecting her to a considerable measure of embarrassment. Moving toward the concerned experts additionally brought about nothing. The FIA executive has been requested that by the court remark on this matter on the demand of the applicant.

The issue of creating the fake Facebook account for the prime goal of making money, threatening the general public and for the sake of enjoyment or any other motive should never be tolerated and dealt according to the law. Share your feelings with us.

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