Facebook Virtual Reality Headset

Facebook is dropping the cost of its Oculus Rift the Facebook Virtual Reality Headset. The person to person communication monster said Wednesday that its Facebook Virtual Reality Headset, which appeared the previous spring, would now offer for $500 rather than its unique $600 cost. Facebook (FB, +1.36%) additionally said it had divided the cost of the Rift headset’s going with Touch movement controllers from $200 to $100.

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Facebook Virtual Reality Headset Price Drop

The organization’s choice to bring down the cost of Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch is noteworthy, considering the discernment that the high cost of these Facebook Virtual Reality Headset models is one reason buyers still can’t seem to take to VR as once huge mob. The HTC Vive, for instance, offers for $800 with controllers, while Sony’s Playstation VR headset costs $400 and does exclude controllers. It ought to be noted that even with the value drop, individuals ought to hope to pay over $1,000 for both the Rift, controllers, and a PC with the base prerequisites to control the headset.

Oculus fellow benefactor and head of Rift Nate Mitchell disclosed to Fortune that the purpose behind the value drop included unspecified improvements Facebook has clearly made in the assembling of the gadget. While Mitchell said that the Rift’s segment costs are descending, he declined to expand on what those segments were and how precisely Facebook had figured out how to bring down the cost of building its headsets.

Mitchell repeated Facebook’s (FB, +1.36%) pitch that the organization is not in this to profit on the equipment, but instead needs to kick off the VR business through its Rift headset and related Oculus programming. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he trusts VR is the following enormous processing stage that he imagines as the fate of online associations.

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